Managing staff: trouble-free strategies

This coaching is relevant to any member of staff who is responsible for managing another member of staff. It will:

  • Equip them with knowledge/tools not only to avoid & reduce Tribunal claims but also
  • Build awareness about how every day actions win/lose a Tribunal case
  • Demonstrate how to prevent/minimise the risk of Tribunal claims proactively
  • Develop an understanding of what Tribunals: expect to be given as evidence and base their decisions on so that this can be gathered on a day-to-day basis.

Employers’ Champion trains managers to help avoid & reduce Tribunal claims

Tribunal witnesses

Taking part in a Tribunal hearing as a witness can be a stressful situation where most people find themselves seriously outside of their comfort zone.

Familiarisation with the process and being cross-examined can help witnesses to overcome the fear of the unknown if it is the first time they have been a witness and help others to review coping techniques when put into this exceptional situation.