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Advocacy, Employment Law and Workplace Psychology on 0775 385 6107

Whether you are looking to prevent problems or to solve them, the Employers’ Champion will provide targeted professional and timely advice. With commercial awareness and an understanding of your business’ needs, employers and staff dealing with employee issues can be assured of:

  • clear explanations and options to avoid or resolve matters

that could otherwise lead to costly and disruptive results. There are no long term contractual obligations, just very experienced advice and support with Advocacy, Employment Tribunal, discrimination law and TUPE issues when you need it.

Employment Tribunal & Advocacy

Advocacy & Employment Tribunal

The best advice is not to allow matters to progress to an Employment Tribunal hearing, however it may be the right choice for your business if the Claimant is being unrealistic about settlement or you do not want to set a precedent for future claims.

Employee Reations & Employment Tribunals

Employee Relations

It is sometimes difficult to find a member of staff who can bring an independent view to the disciplinary and grievance, conciliation and settlement processes. Employers' Champion provide that experienced independent external party for meetings, appeal hearings & negotiations.

Employment Tribunal Witness Training & Management Advice & Training


Tribunal Witness training helps prepare those outside their comfort zones in what can be a stressful situation. Familiarisation with the process and being cross-examined can help witnesses to overcome fears. ‘Managing Staff’coaching is relevant for anyone responsible for another staff member.

Equal Opportunities, Employment Tribunals and Avoiding Discrimination

Equal Opportunities

Avoiding Discrimination and Disability & Reasonable Adjustments advice are where Employers' Champion help you to protect your business against unintentionally breaching the anti-discrimination laws and successfully defend a claim. Disabilities are not always obvious. Not knowing is not necessarily a defence against a Tribunal claim for equal opportunities.

TUPE Risk Assessment

TUPE - Staff Transfer

TUPE is a commercial hazard that is incredibly costly to get wrong. Sound, technical advice from an expert specialised in this area is essential before any commercial steps are taken. We provide a risk assessment of the potential cost to the business if a Tribunal’s Judgment would be that there had been a technical transfer of staff, regardless of whether staff transferred in reality!

Concilation and Avoiding the Employment Tribunal


Protected conversations - "without prejudice" - give rise to a genuine concern that what is discussed might in reality be revealed to an Employment Tribunal with damaging effects to the defence of a claim. Employers' Champion can advise on the practicalities of "without prejudice" meetings and help remove suspicions being raised at a later date.


Welcome to Employers’ Champion, we provide advice and support for the critical ‘Employee Issues’ that a company can face. As noted above there are no long term contractual obligations associated with our services, we provide experienced legal advice and support when it’s most needed.

  • Advocacy & Employment Tribunal
  • Employee Relations
  • Equal Opportunities
  • TUPE


As a past client of Tracey Rosell I would confirm that she conciliated our case successfully and demonstrated commercial awareness in achieving the best possible result for us. She supported our company's staff in all aspects and we would certainly recommend her.

Komal Mehta, Finance Director, Polyclear Ltd

I am happy to recommend Tracey Rosell, who acted for this charity some years ago at an Employment Tribunal. The case involved complex discrimination law issues which required a lot of preparation and a hearing which lasted for five days. I am pleased to say that we were totally successful, winning the case with a unanimous verdict.

Michael Healy, Secretary, Orione Care

Case Studies

Expert Employment Tribunal Advice for the Employer

Advocacy & Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunals, or Industrial Tribunals as they used to be called, have evolved from a simple process to a far more regulated forum akin to the County Court system, presided over by an Employment Judge. Fail to comply with the Employment Tribunal regulations at your peril.

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Equal Opportunities Reasonable Adjustments and Avoiding Descrimination

Equal Opportunities

Your Equal Opportunities policy should cover Age discrimination, Disability discrimination, Gender Reassignment discrimination, Pregnancy and Maternity discrimination,Race discrimination, Religion or belief discrimination, Sex discrimination, Equal Pay claims, to name but a few.

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anaging with possible Employment Tribunals in mind

Managing staff: trouble-free strategies

HR managers who come to Employment Tribunal hearings frequently say they intend to go back to the business and get the staff to do things differently in future. This is because they have the opportunity to share in the Advocate’s years of experience of Employment Tribunal hearings.

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Training the Employment Tribunal Witness

Training: Tribunal witnesses

Gain an insight into what you can expect from an Employment Tribunal, realise the most effective way to give evidence at an Employment Tribunal hearing, learn coping strategies for being a witness.Witness Training is invaluable to the business, neither sprints or marathons are won without training.

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TUPE - staff transfers, redundancy and risk assessment

TUPE – transfers and acquisitions

TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) Regulations is one of the most complex areas of employment law. Your business wins a new contract which appears to be profitable but then discover that the employees who have automatically transferred to you under TUPE suddenly extinguish those profits.

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Employee Relations - Disciplinary, Dismissal, Compromise Agreement Policy

Employee Relations

There are circumstances when the right thing to do is to decide not to let a difficult employment situation progress any further. The decision to conciliate or agree a settlement / compromise agreement can avoid the necessity of the business disruption and cost of going through a disciplinary and dismissal process and/or to go to Employment Tribunal.

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TUPE Staff Transfer

Staff Transfers

It is not possible to change the transferring employees’ pay conditions or to make them redundant without costs implications because of the TUPE regulations.

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Risk Assessment

In a TUPE situation multiple employees may be awarded TUPE compensation and not only those employees who actually transferred, although capped to a year’s salary each. Be forewarned!

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