Conciliation & Settlement Case Study

Discussions with employees need to be handled carefully

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There are circumstances when the right thing to do is to decide not to let a difficult employment situation progress any further. The decision to conciliate or agree a settlement / compromise agreement can avoid the necessity of the business disruption and cost of going through a disciplinary and dismissal process and/or to go to Employment Tribunal.


Discussions with employees need to be handled carefully so that comments made during the conciliation or settlement / compromise agreement discussions do not get used in an Employment Tribunal hearing to your business’ disadvantage.


Similarly a carefully negotiated settlement or compromise agreement may result in a settlement figure not having to be as much as you think it might be. It does not have to result in an admission of any wrongdoing by the business.


This is, if it is handled knowledgeably by an expert who is accustomed to the settlement process and knows specific bargaining strategies, tailored to the Employment Tribunal background.